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About Us

Revelation Church had small beginnings – 12 adults and 5 kids meeting in a sitting room in Camden, London, 2006. We were a bit like Abraham, carrying some promises from the Lord and not too much else; but – as King Solomon so beautifully put it – He is faithful to fulfil with His hand what He has promised with His mouth. And He is most certainly beginning to do that.

He promised us that many who were in debt, discontented and distressed would join us and that they would be transformed into something like an army. Over the years many bruised people have found healing among us, numbers have found their spiritual debt cancelled through the cross of Jesus Christ and 30 people (and counting) crippled by literal financial debt have become debt-free through the Revelation Church CAP centre.

He promised that we would be known for love and miracles. What a combination – we see both in the life of Jesus and we expect to see both through being joined with Him. We have seen extra-ordinary miracles of healing and provision take place, and we are (above all else) pursuing love – loving our neighbours through our ‘Gospel Communities’, through projects (our foodbank has fed 3,000 people and counting) and through equipping our members to live for Christ 9-5 Monday-Friday, and loving one another through vibrant and devoted fellowship, both planned and organised as well as 101 other, often hidden ways that make up a true church community.

He promised that, like in the story of Gideon, we would be an unlikely army, and we certainly are that! What a mixture of people from all kinds of backgrounds and increasingly so. We’ve always longed to represent the area around us and not become a ‘ghetto’ of homogenous people hidden away in a room somewhere growing increasingly irrelevant! God is bringing together people from all walks of life and we are very hopeful about His plans for us. There is a ‘land’ in this part of London for us – a land to be won through Gospel serving and Gospel living and Gospel proclaiming; that’s our war – to overcome evil with good. Bring it on.

So here we are today. There are more of us now but we hope our heart will stay as radical as it was back in the early days. We don’t know what the future holds but we are determined to keep our ears to the ground and our eyes on Jesus. He is our Captain and our Head and we are confident that He will lead us into full and joy-filled fruitfulness.sunday-service

We’re pleased to be part of Relational Mission, which is one of the groups of churches that makes up New Frontiers…